Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Animal inspired creations

Over the weekend, my husband and I brought my son to the Collingwood Children's Farm. It was quite an adventure for a 2 year old as the only farm animals (other than the chickens in our neighbour's backyard) he has seen were in books and on TV. To be honest, Isaac was not the only one who was thrilled with the animals. We had fun taking the tractor rides (we got on it twice!), fed the goats and ponies, aww-ed at the cute piglets and had a duck pooped right in front of us. Isaac is now saying that "The duck poo poo" on a daily basis.

As the excitement of the family day adventure is still with me, I will like to share with you some of my animal inspired creations available in either my Madeit or my Etsy shop.

Felt ducklings

Fabric bookmark

Deer silhouette brooch

Horse silhouette brooch
Will you like to share your animal inspired creations with me? Do leave me a link at the comments section and I will take a peek :)


  1. Found your blog via Two Cheeky Monkeys - Deb. I have the "Duck Song" stuck in my head at the moment which my girls found on youtube - have to share it with you as I don't want to be the only one going crazy with it...he he he


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