Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday Mood Board - Carrots are good for you

Do all bunny rabbits eat carrots? We learned through books, stories and cartoons that everyone seem to associate rabbits with carrots. I do know that carrots are good for you. My mum used to always say eat your carrots so that you will have a good eyesight and there is no need to wear glasses. Alas, I did not heed mum's advice and my eyesight is far from a 20/20 vision.

Nevertheless, my eyes never failed to pick out some of these lovely "carrot-y" finds from talented Madeit sellers.

Enjoy  :)    
(and don't forget to eat your carrots!)

Vintage Chenille carrot rattle
CARROTS baby bib
Men's soap - handmade - glycerine shavings
'Hop to It' Long Eared Rabbit
Cafe style Carrot Cake...with a twist!

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