Thursday, 20 October 2011

I was a winner for the September ED Giveaway

Last  month I entered in one of Jess's monthly giveaways hosted at her Epheriell Designs blog (if you have not read or followed Jess's blog, I strongly encourage you to do so). I must say mine was a last minute entry and it was a few hours till The End. Posted my entry and honestly forgot about it. Imagine my surprise when Jess personally e-mailed to let me know that I was one of the winners. Completely blown away and did the happy dance.

This was what I won. Wall decor by Tracy Harding of Gretel Girl (another talented artist) titled “Enough with the Cardy Jokes”. I can almost imagine Mr Cardigan Man coming out from the embroidery hoop telling us off. 
Mr Cardigan Man by Gretel GIrl
If you love this, you can find more of Tracy's work on Etsy or in her own shop

So thank you Jess for hosting the fabulous giveaway and thank you Tracey for creating a wonderful piece of work!


  1. That is stunning! You must be thrilled to have won such a beautiful piece :)

  2. Was stoked to have won. I rarely win giveaways!


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