Friday, 21 October 2011

Had this weird dream the other day

Do you ever wake up sometimes in the morning remembering a dream you had? You sit in bed wondering what it meant and at the same time wishing that you had bought the bargain book at Borders entitled "How to Interpret your Dreams". Now, the dream I had was a short one (sort of like a 5 minute filler in between 2 TV shows). I dreamt that I was BALD. Yup. The nightmare of every woman. Mind you if I had gone totally bald it wouldn't be too bad but I was balding at the centre of my head. I had hair still, at the sides of head but the middle scalp was hairless. To make it even sadder or funnier, I tried the COMB OVER but unfortunately it didn't help (honestly I am not sure why some men do it). I remembered being pretty desperate trying to cover my balding patch with whatever hair I had left without much success. Then I woke up. First thing I did? You guessed it - touched the top of my head. Breathed a sigh of relief that it was just a dream. I do wonder what it means? Am I being vain? Am I thinking too much? Stress (high chance of this!)?

Anyway in real life if I were to turn bald, I am going to invest in some good hats (handmade, of course). Here are a few that will turn heads

Ladies Shower Cap - Retro Chic

Rose Colored Newsboy Hat

Ladies Spring Flower Hat
Dragonfly’s nest – burlesque miniature top hat topper
 And finally to celebrate the upcoming holiday season...

Adorable Reindeer Beanie
(yes it is available in adult size)

What have you dreamed of lately?


  1. Haha love that crazy dream! Thanks for including my Spring Hat, you had some gorgeous choices in there.

  2. You are welcome Christie. Hope to see more hats in your shop!


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