Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tutorial Tuesday on a Wednesday - Upcycled magazine placemats

I know that I have written in one of my earlier posts that I am going to commit to post a tutorial (either created by me or other talented crafters) every single Tuesday. Well I have been slack. Been focussing a lot of energy in my studies and creating new handmade items to stock my online shops. I will get back to the swing of things once my exams are over and I can fully concentrate on building up my blog and brand.

As we know that one of the hottest trends nowadays in the crafting society are "recycling", "upcycle", "eco-conscious", etc. I had to share this really nifty tutorial which I stumbled upon from The Haby Goddess. This tutorial is for how to turn your favourite magazines into placemats. It is simple and materials used were mainly old magazines (finally a way to make good use of my boxes of old magazines in the garage), sewing machine and some clear PVC which you can probably get at a hardware store.

Magazine placemats

A closer look at the stitching

Full instructions on the tutorial can be found here.

Pictures used in this post and tutorial instructions were from The Haby Goddess

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