Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2 years on and loving every single moment

2 years before today, I was just a wife who probably only need to lookout for herself and husband. Cooking was easier (although there are a many nights where we have too many takeaway dinners). Our 2 bedroom house is comfortable with just the right size for both of us. We had thought of getting a cat to share our life together but work got ahead of us and never got around to adopting one from the pet shelter.

Then a little peanut came along. It basically changed our life as husband and wife forever. We have our moments of happiness, frustration, tears but definitely a lot of laughter. The best thing that can ever happen to us. Yes we can never go out for a romantic dinner now without putting you first. We have not been to the cinema for more than 2 years. Our takeaway dinners make way for more home cooked meals. Any trips out of the house takes a minimum of half hour. We have never gotten so close and personal with anyone's poop or wee.

You taught us what it is like to care for a small human being. You taught us that love is unconditional. You taught us what it is like to see everyday things in a new light. You constantly make us laugh. You made us cry. Overall you gave us the most important title of all as Mum and Dad.

Happy Birthday Isaac. You are 2 years old today. We love you dearly and could not imagine a life without you. Here's to a new year ahead and to new discoveries!

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