Monday, 27 February 2012

If the skies look grey, dream of all things yellow

After a lovely few days of sunshine (and it was pretty hot too. Whew!), the skies here look dark and grey. It starting raining yesterday evening and this morning it is still wet. I don't mind the rain as it gives the plants a drink of water. The downside is that the humidity levels go straight through the roof especially if the rain comes after a very hot day.

So the Melbourne sky is not giving me any sunshine today, I started searching for some of my own. Here are some lovely yellow finds, all of them handmade in Australia and available at Madeit.

Here is one my yellow butter shortbread earrings. Available in my Madeit shop

Yellow Star Dragon by TheCraftyLittleFox

Easter Rabbit (Bunny) Gift Boxes - 2 Pack by PixelPlusPaper

Linked, hand pulled screen print in yellow, limited edition by GingerDesign

Bracelet resin bead all lemon yellow double ice chip by StratDesigns

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