Monday, 7 November 2011

Book lover

I have not blogged in a while. It has been crazy in my little life lately. Exams are less than 2 weeks away and I am stressing out. It is going to be my final one before I graduate. Such a long journey made even longer when you are studying part time. Once this chapter of my life has come to an end, I have so many plans on how I will like to turned my handmade biz into something more.

Till then and in between my textbooks, I am sharing some lovely vintage books which will be a great addition to your collection. I love books especially vintage children books. The colours, the drawings and the stories - all classic and loved from one generation to another. I hope to pass on this love to my children (my son already has his own picture book collection) and then to my grandchildren.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Vintage Whitman
The Wizard of Oz, (ca. 1957), First Edition
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass- 1909
Little Red Riding Hood - Vintage Illustration Storybook Print
Vintage Little Women Hardcover Book

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