Friday, 6 January 2012

3rd New Year Resolution - Keeping track of stuff

I planned to write this post before the year of 2011 is over but life and family got in the way. Yes the New Year celebration is over and most of us will be dragging our feet back to the office after a nice 2 week break over the Christmas (I was back in the office since 3rd Jan, not by choice but because 60+ employees needs to get paid their wages otherwise I am going to be hounded worse than a pack of wolves).

Image from Paula Grace Designs
My 3rd resolution for 2012 is to keep track of my sales and purchases. I am terribly bad with organisation. A couple of months ago I tried to keep tally of the sales I made and write down my purchases of supplies & materials. A few days later I promptly forgot about it. I don't even remember where I saved my Excel spreadsheet. This habit must change otherwise how will I know if my crafting time is worth it or if my handmade creations are profitable (especially if I have plans to make this a success)?

Image from Berry Sweet Treats
 I can start small and simple by jotting in a notebook (got this super cute notebook from Berry Sweet Treats) until I can come up with a spreadsheet that is user friendly enough for me. I think part of the reason I failed to maintain my old one was I had too many columns and wanting to put too much details on a page that it simply looks more disorganised than before. One step at a time is the key (hard to believe that I am from an Accounting / Finance background *embarrassed*). Said to hubby that if I saved enough money at the end of the year from my handmade biz, I am going to buy myself a laptop. Should be a good enough reason to start my record keeping, don't you think?

I hope you are better at this than me :)

P/S : You can read about my 1st resolution here and my 2nd resolution here.


  1. Ha! I totally relate to this - getting more organised with my business is one of my resolutions this year too. I used to write everything down in a book, but it was a bit of a jumble, and too hard to go back and look at what I actually sold. I have spent most of this past week teaching myself how to use Numbers (it's the Mac equivalent of Excel). I hadn't used a spreadsheet since high school, and I don't even think we had the internet back then, at least not on personal computers! It took a while, but I now have an awesome spreadsheet, with sections for income, expenses and a very scary table showing my net cash flow each month, with an even scarier little line graph that shows just how much I've lost so far! But, the last 3 months, that line was heading back up so hopefully this year, I'll be back in the black! Now that it's all set-up, it takes the same or less time to enter the figures, but the great thing is that the computer does all the calculations and I can make all sorts of pretty pie charts from the tables! Definitely glad I finally got around to doing it!

  2. Hi Dyani, yours sound like an awesome spreadsheet. Congrats on finding one that works for you. I am still looking for mine. I need to strike the right balance between simple, clarity with enough info so that I will understand why I put in the numbers in the first place. The biggest time waster is to create a fancy schmancy worksheet only to be confused of it later!


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